Matrix Repatterning Explained

Matrix Repatterning™ is the culmination of 30 + years of research and development by Dr. George Roth of the Matrix Institute in Markham, Ontario.

An energy medicine technique based on scientific principles that treats structural imbalances and mechanical dysfunction at the cellular level. This low impact approach to healing is explained by the quantum physics principle that humans and all living things are both energy and matter. Through his famous equation E=mc² Albert Einstein proved that energy and matter are dual expressions of the same universal substance – a primal energy field or vibration of which we are all composed.

Simply put, the Matrix Repatterning (MR) technique taps into and uses this energy field to communicate to the body on a different frequency. This gentle approach reaches the deep rooted causes of dysfunction whether they are old unresolved injuries, falls, or excessive strain. Communication takes place within the body’s network of continuous fabric, a crystalline collagen matrix.

Unlike many conventional therapies, Matrix Repatterning identifies and releases tension patterns or injury within the tissues and bones allowing these problem zones to be restored to normal tone and function. Every person has their own blueprint of body trauma.

Matrix Repatterning customizes the sessions to the needs of each individual at the time of treatment. For the best results, it is highly recommended that clients have a series of sessions approximately one week to 10 days apart.

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Matrix Repatterning Post Treatment


Matrix Repatterning is a process of detecting and releasing tension patterns within the tissues of the body. In any treatment, activation of symptoms may
happen. Your body will activate pathways that have been adapted to for a long period of time.

For 24-48 hours post treatment, you may experience an aggravation of current symptoms. This is something the body will do in terms of processing information: changing cell physiology. Everything we do in Matrix Repatterning is normalizing. Activation of symptoms if they appear, is the body’s natural process of ‘repatterning’. They will subside within a day or two.

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